What do we offer?

We regularly visit our customers. Why? Because we are convinced that if people know each other in person, they can use their full potential.

Sorting & Rework

100% inspection as well as repairs are our daily bread. As part of our services, we will process workflows for review and suggest ways to repair possible defects if possible. We will create Risk Analysis of corrections and help with Deviation. We also ensure the production of suitable JIGs.

We create data for our customers to better analyze and identify the causes of the issues. They are available online in our unique iS Data system, which is constantly being improved to meet the needs of you, our clients.

Quality Technicians

Our colleagues work as resident engineers and represent the manufacturers with their Czech customers. Other work with Czech manufacturers such as QE, SQA, PQA etc. We are simply working on the tasks that our customers bring to us, always conscientiously and with professional care.

We normally send our Technicians for training to our customers around the world. Why? Because only if they know the production process, they can better support you, our customers.


In our warehouses we will ensure the goods reception, storage and dispatching of your products exactly according to your needs. The products undergo standard quality control. Then, we will pack the products in the original packaging and store them until the customer recall them. We ensure the transport of the products to the final customer.

There is a lack of space in today's economic boom. The company literally solve each square meter. The possibility of transferring the products to the external workplace seems to be the ideal solution. Especially, if such an external workplace can be used as a place of dispatch. Such a solution cannot save only the space but it may even appear as cost saving.

Personnel Services

Thanks to our sister company iWork Czech s.r.o. we are able to find suitable employees into your Quality Department as well as to ensure the employees into your production. Why cannot we do it directly? Because personnal agencies which provide employees have to posses the licence wich is given by the general directorate of the Labor Office of the Czech Republic.

IWork Czech s.r.o. has got this permit and fulfills all other legal requirements. By using their services you avoid all the inconveniences and sanctions connected with hiring the employees in the times when finding the good employees seems to be very difficult.

International Cooperation

Our customer manufactures the parts in Singapore and usually send the shipment by the ship. Our warehouse in the Czech Republic serves as a HUB. We will receive the parts, divide them by references and send them to our customer's client. Following the references of the Czech manufacturers, we will check the parts and repair them and repackage them in their original packaging. We will ship parts to Czech manufacturers. There is our Quality Engineer present on a daily basis for the satisfaction of Czech manufacturers and providing information to Singapore. In the case any qualitative problem occurs, the Quality Engineer analyzes the problem root cause, prepares and send the samples, negotiates about the deviation approval, proposes the working procedures. Our customer simply has a colleague to help him when needed.